Evolved Garden Tools, Inc

We proudly feature and distribute Chikamasa brand Japanese steel gardening shears.

Chikamasa has been the brand of choice for industry professionals on the west coast for the past five years. Now, the entire fleet of high-end shears is available nation-wide.

What people are saying:

"The best trimming shears there are. very sharp" -707bobc
"I bought several other types and brands of other trimmers. I figured that I could just do the same job and spend half the price with some other scissors....I was wrong! These are the best I have used, my productivity has increased so effing much since I started using Chakamasa. The coating doesn't allow any resin to stick to the surgical steel and you can go by working an entire pound before you need to clean em off! I love these and so do so many others. If you want to see what "professional trimmers" are using in Humboldt then here you go. I just like em for myself cause I have a lot of work to do for myself. 10 for 10!" - loveandhopephotography
"I forgot I was trimming!!" -gabe sanchez
"These are the best scissors I know of for manicuring flowers . They are lighter and more sharp than the ARS models. They last through years of daily trimming. They're also very comfortable and thanks to the flourine coating, easy to clean. They hold their edge well." -john careatti
"Amazing scissors, very sharp. The coating is VERY useful since plant sap does not accumulate on it as much as it would if there was no coating, so they can go for a long time before you end up with a sticky mess that you have to clean up. Very comfortable in the hand, the two parts move against each other very freely, with no friction but no wobble either.
They are the best of any I've tried." -prema


  • Family owned and operated in Osaka, Japan since 1910.
  • Each pair hand-finished (by seven separate people for quality control)
  • Highest quality materials - featuring Japanese stainless steel (the stuff samurai swords are made of!)

Specialized Tools for the Task at Hand:

  • Featuring the B-500SR and B-500SRF with a signature curved-tip and non-stick, flourine coating
  • Industry-specific, ergonomically designed trimming shears
  • Winner of the prestigious "Trimmers' Choice Award"
  • Traditional and torsion spring-loaded options (for those who love their Fiskers)
  • Heavy-duty loppers